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"Beautiful and engaging!"  David Joel Stevenson - Author and singer

Does your purpose die when you do?

Who I am doesn’t matter. My name…irrelevant. Why? You tell me. You didn’t seem to care very much about me when you knew me; why should now be different? Is it because of what I’m about to do? That’s very hypocritical, don’t you think? Not caring about me while I’m here, but not wanting me to go away either…do you want me stuck in this miserable limbo? Does my pointless existence somehow make you feel better about yours, or do you even think about me that much?

Who I am doesn’t matter. I’m just another nobody that you’ve passed by on your way to something that you think matters, and soon, all my hopes, dreams, fears, and pain will fade away, and I’ll be remembered as nothing more than a statistic.


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