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Narrated by Kelanie Belski
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Featuring the vocal talent of Jeremy Webb, Marion Carlson, Enoch Heath, William Heath, Bri Ray, Georgianna Mills, Christian Carlson. Music provided by Shockwave Sound. Cover design by Laney Mills.
An old secret…An ancient sin...

For young Jamie Randall, nothing could be worse than spending the last few weeks of summer working at his uncle’s farm. But the early mornings, endless chores, and awkward family dynamics all soon take a back seat when he and his sister find themselves entangled in a living, bleeding nightmare they never could’ve imagined. Can they put together the pieces of the gruesome mystery before it’s too late, or will they too become victims in a relentless and unforgiving bloodshed?

Narrated and performed by Davis Harrison

(Warning: This story contains events and descriptions of suicide and self-harm. Listen with care.)
Does your purpose die when you do?

Who I am doesn’t matter. My name…irrelevant. Why? You tell me. You didn’t seem to care very much about me when you knew me; why should now be different? Is it because of what I’m about to do? That’s very hypocritical, don’t you think? Not caring about me while I’m here, but not wanting me to go away either…do you want me stuck in this miserable limbo? Does my pointless existence somehow make you feel better about yours, or do you even think about me that much?

Who I am doesn’t matter. I’m just another nobody that you’ve passed by on your way to something that you think matters, and soon, all my hopes, dreams, fears, and pain will fade away, and I’ll be remembered as nothing more than a statistic.
Narrated and performed by Isaac Carlson
Are monsters truly dead if they still haunt your dreams?

Long ago, Raul watched helplessly as his family was attacked and killed by monstrous beasts. Left with nothing but his oath to exact vengeance, he prepared for war. Now, as a seasoned monster-hunter, Raul returns to the land of his childhood, ready to track the monsters down, ready to resolve his life-long conflict, ready to deliver payback…no matter what the cost.

Join Raul and embark on a dark and visceral fantasy tale about loss, hatred, and a dark life consumed with revenge. Join the hunt that lies within.

Narrated and performed by Georgianna Mills
The Onlooker was the start of it all...

It was in the waning days of November (2013), when the weather begins to grow cold and the last few leaves are fast abandoning the trees, that the idea of ‘The Onlooker’ first began taking shape. It was a story that was laid upon me. One that I felt burdened to tell, and tell soon.

So I took the following month of December off from all my other projects and creative endeavors, and tried to focus exclusively on delivering this poignant tale. It was the first short story I’d ever written, and was also supposed to be the last. Instead, as I can see now, it was but a stepping stone, and would become the first of many.

It’s a short story about love, loss, and tragedy, and I hope it comes as close to your heart as it came to mine.