The Vault

The Onlooker was the start of it all.


It was in the waning days of November (2013), when the weather begins to grow cold and the last few leaves are fast abandoning the trees, that the idea of ‘The Onlooker’ first began taking shape. It was a story that was laid upon me. One that I felt burdened to tell, and tell soon.


So I took the following month of December off from all my other projects and creative endeavors, and tried to focus exclusively on delivering this poignant tale. It was the first short story I’d ever written, and was also supposed to be the last. Instead, as I can see now, it was but a stepping stone, and would become the first of many.


It’s a short story about love, loss, and tragedy, and I hope it comes as close to your heart as it came to mine.

Written and produced by Richard C. Mills

Narrated and preformed by Georgianna Mills

Music provided by Shockwave Sound

Cover design by Jordan H. Mills

© 2020 Sentinel Studios.