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Sentinel Studios is an audio production company focused on producing original stories that strive to see things from different and unique vantage points.

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Thoughts on Suicide: Prism Break - Audio Drama Reviews

Slow and sort of steady.

Posted on May 9th 2022
At long last, we've had some movement on Homicide at Heavensgate.

I know we've been pretty silent for a little while regarding a progress update for Homicide, and that's because we've been at a complete standstill, and had no news to share. A integral member on our post-production team has been battling some severe health issues, and that has been impacting his ability to work as much or as quickly as he'd like, resulting in our delay. Still, though not all the issues are resolved (and in addition to his full-time job), he's back and plugging away on Homicide as much as he can, and we're getting our digital assembly line back on track. We were able to send Episode 2 to the composers last week, and the sound design for Episode 3 should be finished in the next few days!

I still don't feel comfortable putting a new release date out there. At this point, we're just taking it slow, trying to embrace the lessons in patience, and acknowledging again that health and life are fragile, and not something to be taken for granted. Since we're not on the radar in the greater podcasting space yet, we can afford to do that, and the only people these delays matter to is us and you.

So thank you all for your patience and unyielding support for us. We want this podcast to be the best it can be. That is worth the wait for us, and it means so much to know that what we do is worth the wait for you too!

Now, for some other news: Since Homicide has been out of my hands the past few months, I've been able to focus my attention back on writing. I've got the arc of an 8-episode show almost completely mapped out, and several episodes nearly finished. I've changed up writing software, so it's been a little chaotic, but I've ended up making a lot more progress on it than I really expected to.

We've also been working out our travel schedule for this year, and have found some really exciting opportunities. We're waiting for the lest few things to fall into place, but should have all that figured out and ready to share around the beginning of next month.

Homicide at Heavensgate: Cast List Reveal

Posted on March 30th 2022
Time to reveal the cast of Homicide at Heavensgate: We were honored and thrilled to be able to work with so many tremendous actors! Spanning five continents, six countries, and more time zones than we can remember, they elevated this project to a level we hadn't even dared hope possible.