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When a mysterious guest is found dead during the grand opening of a new lunar resort, two detectives are sent to investigate. What they find is a eclectic group of potential suspects, and the emergence of a mystery that goes deeper than they imagined.
Homicide at Heavensgate is a full cast, episodic audio drama that blends classic detective noir with a sci-fi setting.

It started as a small, self-contained idea, but when we held auditions, we were blown away by the response...and began to realize that it could be so much more than we had anticipated. So we put together a fantastic cast and crew working from seven countries that span 5 continents. It truly was a global effort to bring this story to life.

It's a vision of the future where some things have changed tremendously, but other things really haven't changed at all...
A vault is a place where secrets are kept, where treasures are stored for safekeeping. It's a place for precious things, and it's no different here.

In this place you'll find grief, faith, failures, dreams, longings, and regrets. So take this key and come inside, just please be gentle.
Vault Stories is not a typical podcast.

It's a collection of self contained enhanced audio stories. What we mean by that is the stories are usually preformed by a single narrator or very light cast, similar to an audiobook. But then we add sound effects, ambiance, and music to build up the experience. It's also a way for us to experiment creatively, while also exploring thoughts, burdens and heavy topics that we need to get out. Stories have ranged anywhere from 2 hours to 8 minutes, and encompasses lots of genres and styles. Nothing is off limits here, and each story has the space to succeed or fail.